Common scenarios that lead to motorcycle accidents

Virginia residents who regularly ride a motorcycle should know what scenarios commonly lead to accidents. With some of the scenarios, it's easy to see where the danger lies; for instance, one should never travel between heavy traffic and a line of parked cars because car doors may open and pedestrians may cross. Other scenarios may seem innocuous.

Cars Turning Left in Front of Motorcyclists

One of these would involve a car stopped in a turn lane. That's because the vehicle may turn in front of you. Drivers do not always see motorcyclists, or they may mentally block them out because they're so focused on looking for other drivers. Motorcyclists should always be ready to take evasive action. It starts with knowing what the car might do, and motorcyclists can determine this by looking at its wheels.

Another scenario involves a car hitting a motorcycle while changing lanes. Know where a car's blind spots are. If you can see a driver's eyes in the side mirror, then the driver can see you. Of course, whether the driver will look is another matter.

Navigating Sharp Corners and Gravel

Many motorcyclists crash because they take sharp turns too fast or wipe out on gravel. They should look for signs of a change in the road's direction, such as the telephone poles' direction.

Legal Help for Injured Motorcyclists

Motor vehicle crashes that involve a motorcycle can often end in serious injuries. Perhaps it was a negligent driver who caused you so much harm. In that case, you may be able to file a claim against that driver's insurance company. Having a lawyer may be helpful because, first of all, Virginia holds to the rule of pure contributory negligence. Plaintiffs cannot recover damages if they're so much as 1% at fault.