Getting a license reinstated in Virginia after a DUI

Most states set the legal BAC at 0.08 and the legal drinking age at 21. Drivers found with a BAC greater than 0.08 can get a DUI charge in Virginia, which commonly results in license suspension. Being without a license often creates a hardship for many people, so it helps to know how to get it reinstated.

Reinstatement After First DUI

A first DUI charge commonly gets a 7-day to 12-month suspension, and the length can vary based on circumstances. A driver may petition the court for a restricted license after a first DUI charge once they receive a sentence.

However, these licenses place limits on where people go and the hours they can drive. They usually have to get SR22 insurance, an insurance policy for high-risk drivers. A driver on administrative license suspension, which means suspension before trial, commonly cannot get a temporary license.

A license cannot be fully reinstated until after the suspension period. In addition to proving SR22 insurance, the driver has to attend a hearing, attend alcohol education classes and prove they paid the required reinstatement fines. The driver may have to use an ignition interlock device for six months.

Reinstatement After Second or Third DUI and Commercial Licenses

License reinstatement after a second DUI commonly involves the same steps as a first DUI except it comes with higher fines and longer waiting times. Drivers have to wait a minimum of three years before reinstating a license and using an ignition device from six months to three years.

A third DUI could result in indefinite license suspension. The driver commonly has to wait five years to petition for reinstatement. To reinstate a CDL license, the driver usually follows the same criteria as for standard licenses, except they have to complete CDL education.

All states take DUI charges seriously, so those accused of driving under the influence may face license suspension for a significant amount of time based on the situation. However, mistakes happen, which is why a driver needs an experienced criminal defense attorney.